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Blogging has become quite a popular and sought-after profession as of late. Hundreds of people are aiming at becoming full-time bloggers nowadays. Blogging is nothing but an online publishing service that allows people to post their stories and write-ups to be posted on the internet and make them available for people to read. It is a great way to present your thoughts on the internet via a well-maintained and systematic website.


“Being Smart” is a website where one can express their thoughts. Subham Sharma, a digital marketing expert and main author, owns it. He has written and published blogs on various topics, such as “ways to live a smart life” and “destinations for weekend getaways for last-minute vacations.”


You can check out his blog at https://ibeingsmart.com/. Being Smart blog focuses on various categories like lifestyle, education, finance, tour & traveler and technology. Writers of the blog also post personal blogs that they deem inspiring. One can also go to the “Write for us” option and be a guest writer for the page for free. If you have a passion for writing and want to gain knowledge and experience on how to write blogs and get featured, this is an excellent place for you.


Furthermore, If you want your guest post to be featured on this blog, get your write-up ready, write an article on any of the categories mentioned above, fill out the article’s title, write out the author’s name, submit your write-up, and click on submit. You can also click on the “Need own article on here fill this form” link, which opens up a google form. There you can type your email id and upload your blog. Very easy, right?! Your writing would then be submitted and reviewed by the blog admins. If your article matches the content, this blog is seeking. It’ll be featured on this website within a matter of hours. 


The advantage of writing as a guest is that you can write for free and get featured, and the blog benefits from it. This way, the blog can direct more traffic to their page too. And more traffic means more recognition and more popularity, and in turn, the blog will bloom.


Upon browsing the being smart website, you will see multiple articles on all the categoties mentioned earlier. The blog talks mostly about all the issues of daily life. You can get updates on the newest initiatives in education and study portals or other informative articles on finance too. There are articles like “Difference between Finance and economics” and “Meaning and difference between private finance and public finance” on their website.


Additionally, the blog talks about current affairs and many trendy topics. It is a great place to find motivational stores too. This kind of story is reflected in the recently published article entitled “story of a brave girl.”


In recent times, blogs have also proved to be very influential places. Many netizens now seek to review blogs before buying a product or travel blogs to get 1st hand knowledge of a person who has traveled and written about it. Blogs have proved to have a great impact on people’s decisions. A blog also gives you a perfect opportunity to get your name out and to promote yourself or your business to others. Promoting everything in one blog is much easier than maintaining multiple web pages. With a personalized blog, you can give the viewer a detailed view of what you are talking about. And a blog like being smart is even better as it talks about multiple aspects in a single place, giving users the convenience they need while looking up certain topics.


In short, Being Smart is an all-rounded blog where you can read detailed articles on various up-to-date topics like lifestyle, education, finance, and more. The blog also has a very tidy and easy-to-navigate user interface which helps you see all the categories of blogs being smart offers as you go along. You can also scroll down and get glimpses of a few popular articles. It is also very easy to submit your very own article for the blog. You can upload the zip document of your article with just a few simple clicks! Being smart is a great place to get information on various subjects. The blogs are detailed and fun to read too.

shubham sharma

Shubham Sharma

Shubham Sharma is a well-known digital marketing expert, digital marketing consultant, website planner, and business transformation consultant helping many aspiring content creators and businesses grow

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