story of Brave Girl
  1. Brave girl

In a small village, a brave girl child was born to a conservative family. However, at the age of 10, she was moved to a  nearby city with her Family for her father’s convenience in earning.

Although brave girls’ parent’s were not well educated, started dreaming educate their children. Hence she got admitted to a local nearby English medium  school. But her  English was not up to the mark as she  studied in a village primary school. Gradually she  started studying hard and became a curious person.

He performance was miraculous in that school  but soon enough she was forced to jump one class due to her good memorising skills . In this way, she skipped two classes and her performance would always rock.Everything was going well. 

Meanwhile her father got  some financial crisis ,as a result of she was taken out of that school and got admitted to a nearby government girls’ school.  it was a sudden shock for the brave girl and She couldn’t digest it for complete two years. Her performance began to go down as she had to read Hindi Books (medium Problem). This whole situation made her frustrated, nervous and she lost her confidence completely.

Due to which she was being teased and called Hindi medium girl. People would belittle her because not because of her medium  but her books as well .  Nobody wanted to accept her as a friend she was abondoned.

The brave girl became a backbencher due to that unhealthy  environment. She was  being judged by  her school and her uneducated parent’s. Her family and she was abandoned. 

 She barely passed her  8th and 9th grade.  When she came in 10th grade she decided to accept whatever has happened and to  keep on  working hard.  Finally, she stood first in her 10th board and made everyone shocked by her incredible performance . Despite her miraculous performance still she was being avoided. Nobody wanted to be her friend and  was still being judged by her looks and family background. She ended up becoming a tissue paper.

 anxiousness , fear , nervousness, loneliness kept on in similiar way.

Afterwards the time came to opt for streams in her 11th Standard whether to go with humanities or sciences. Finally she decided to go with Humanities. Due to which she had to suffer taunts and embarrssment  by her friend’s teacher and many people .they made her feel like a loser being a topper.

Hewever  journey went on without knowing where to go or what to do with life when all her friend dreaming to do this and that.still her disgusting look was a matter of concern for many friends. Workings hard was her Passion and as a result of this she became topper of 11th and 12th standard. this achievement filled her heart with conviction that she can do anything if determined. 

Her family felt proud moments when she got cash prizes and toffees.

She was about to enter into college life hence s AAhe thought of transforming her looks and after sometime she succed in this attempt as well . people appreciated her new looks and this made her teary _eyed. She had an attitude of gratitude since her childhood. however people misguided her not to confess her intelligence and beauty. with time she was being called a praiseworthy person.

In college life everything was going well however she would feel something time passed she realised she had a massive stage fear as she never tried it before.

Several opportunities would come to her to showcase her talent however she had never that much  courage to go and grab that opportunity.

One fine day, she was forced to participate in a debate competition .It was her very first time ,she went to stage with full preparation however she couldn’t delivered her message well hence this added her anxiousness and fear. This made her devastated and now she left all her hopes .She decided not to face people again. Hence she began to work hard for studies as before .

Life was going as earlier meanwhile she was exposed to some mean friend’s how they used her due to her innocence.she was like a tissue paper for them as she never knew to say no .this made her full of self doubts and dippressed.

But with time anyhow she overcame and decides to rise back again. finally she dusted herself off and wrote down her all fears .Now she was full of confidence and self faithfully that anything is possible.

Gradually she conquered her stage fear by facing people again and again although is wasn’t easy for her but now she became a challenge taker .It filled her heart with a thought that nobody can defeat her .her name was highlighted in the entire college

In this way life went on and finally she completed her graduation with highest marks .she was awarded for that and won the title of miss active of the college.

Afterwards the day came to choose career option .She decided to go into adminstration.hence she chose to prepare compitive exams .

However it wasn’t a smooth journey for her as nobody wanted her to study higher except her father.Her relatives would pull her leg .they were too toxic and never supported women empowerment. Her father was being teased for that why to educate girls in male dominated society.they consider women is valueless she can’t go anything except household management.

Her father anyhow alloweded her to go for higher studies as he wanted to see her daughter financially independent.

She started studying hard for compititions. Everything was going well however she felt something missing.It created distress in her prepration but soon she came to realise wht she was missing. As a matter of fact she was not enjoying reading Hindi books as she was passionate learning English. A lot of things would going on her head .She wanted to quit reading those books.

One fine day she firmly decided to quit and opt for English version of books .But now the real struggle started in her life .most difficult time of her life begun .She wondered here and there in search of genuine guidence who can tell her to understand English taxt books now she felt a huge burden of her shoulders that she has to carry.

She neither could understand nor can speak English as , she was as very weak at English but she had merely one thing that a heart full of determination .

Gradually she begun to purchase english version of books however her journey went on with full of doubts whether she would be able to this or not .

It was like a mountain to climb over it .

At the same time an familiar decease gathered her .fall in love with her







Eventualthing ended up in her forward she intraocularly speech and exam ennui colon activities and made her name highlighted Now she realized she can do anything whatever she wants there is no limit. She made a dream to motivate all the student’s college and she did the same for 2 years.

Now the journey isn’t ending.

The Picture is remaining. 

 As she was a brave girl, she became a challenge taker and fell in fore of trying new things communing teas. Despite trying too hard ups dons kept coming into her life. Life was charging every minute. She was learning a lot. Now the day came when she completed her graduation with an amazing performance she topped her graduation course.

Now it was the time to min to propane for competitive exam 4 to go into administration.

Brave girl’s courage for doing something made a dream to carte charge going into administration. She tented working passionately in that way and living her dreams.

But after graduation, she was sick and tired of reading those bring books.

She wanted something interesting but didn’t know what to do. She finally figured out the exact problem it was not Hindi books language she never enjoyed reading she always wanted to learn English but never tried seriously and got an opportunity now as she was a Hindi medium student it was truly hand to her to read English books.

She was so conserved about mending books and she time realized the importance and she with time realized the importance I globally popular English.

Now a lot of things going on in her head finally her family decide to quit reading those undergoing and switched to English books that filled her heart with cheerfulness.

But now the real struggle of a brave girl in her life is as never before. It was the most difficult time of her life. Now she wondered what guidance she could and anyone. It was like she has to Cary a huge burden she was feeling like climbing a mountain as she was weak in English she neighs and understand English prying can speak. But she was determined for her denizen.

She started purchasing English books for graduation but the same problem kept going with her due to a lack of guidance. Gradually she stinted feeling dubious about her decision and got depressed.

She thought she must give up the idea of learning English it might be impossible it is so late for her to lose all hope and no more patience she had she quit the learning process for a couple of months.

But not enjoying sitting idea feeling loser. She was going through a lot but never reached out to anyone out there after some time though a lot stinted trying what you doing you must be due am she got up dusted herself off and made a paper plan to overcome this challenge English learning.

She become determined all on again she engaged safely in working hard day & night even with or without toed.

finally, it took a couple of months for her to realize her huge potential she improved a lot and it was her massive achievement.

Those days she was diagnosed with an optician and her jarring of moving her head became sluggish. It was hard to digest for her as she was at her weak point.

She wanted to do it now but was unable to make a full effort. Her physical and mental health aggraded a lot. But never rejecting soul-ending passion kept her alive.

It took some months to get better. Again she back to her studies and started dreaming to help those in need who are curious to learn English. This net for a couple of months again captivated she became unconscious for some days.

  1. She lost hope Now. And talented immune hu pain that strong her inner soul finally. Now she can’t be at same defiantly and of coming to great guidance to those one passable English learn.

Now society pull down her tomorrow of marriage she started saying she will become old if kept going. Nobody will be ready to marry her pour her perfect ear. It wants less all she was going through they all added to the problem of her life. But she never lost hope again she didn’t get back. Now she is completely fine with no any issue like before.

Every challenge that went through made her a warrior. This warrior changed the conservers min of society all around her and disappear from the stereotypical thing that kings her for effort. Now she had the vision to eliminate the took problem of the learning attitude of everyone who speaks English. She is making the English speech process early.

                  This is her work.

                A brave girl enjoys her work a lot.

Moral of the brave girl story. One should never judge a person as per his/her present stars and situations. Nothing is permanent in life. It changes over time. And tear that every need due to cross it. It thought me a lesson about perspective towards problems. The majority may break down and quit midway and very few fights quit midway and way few fight like a warrior and win over this problem. It is true nothing is impossible in this world.                                                      

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