Major Initiatives

Major Initiatives


The Ministry of Education (MoE) was created on 26th September 1985 as the 174th amendment to the Government of India (under the Allocation of Business Rules) and has taken Major Initiatives. The Major Initiatives of the ministry of education is to spread education to every corner of Indian society. The ministry believes that education plays a vital and significant role in balancing the socio-economic scenario of the entire country. Citizens of India are the pillars of the country; hence providing education to them is the utmost need of the country.


Working Procedure

The MoE’s Major Initiatives work through two different departments:

  • Department of School Education and Literacy
  • The Department of School Education and Literacy mainly focuses on the “universalization of education”.
  • The department is on a mission to improve the nation’s young citizens by providing them with education and real-life skills.
  • The department has also started various new schemes and taken multiple initiatives. Such schemes are taken regularly and changed and updated when required. The schemes have started to pay dividends in the form of growing enrollments in schools.
  • The main focus is still on the academic section and the betterment of the overall growth of Indian citizens.

  • Department of Higher Education
  • The department mainly focuses on bringing world-class higher and further education opportunities to the country.
  • The department even brings research and development opportunities so that Indian students don’t need to hassle while facing international platforms.
  • The government has also created joint ventures of higher education and the ministry of Universities so that world opportunities can upscale the Indian students.
  • The ministry not only takes care of higher education but also takes other Major Initiatives, such as it wants to make India rank 1 in the Higher Education system list of the world by beating the United States and China in the race.



The objectives and other Major Initiatives of the ministry are:

  • Formulation of the Educational National Policy so that it gets correctly implemented in the whole procedure of the education system in India.
  • Expanding access to education, planning development for education, and improvising the correct quality of education are the ministry’s goals and Major Initiatives. Also, facilities like the internet, schools, colleges, and universities are provided to places where students don’t have access to education.
  • Helping the poor, females, minorities, and backward classes and paying particular attention to them. The neglected communities should be supported. Many good brains can come out of those communities.
  • Sanctioning financial help such as scholarships, educational loans, subsidies, and other acts for deserving students from neglected sections of the Indian community.
  • Encouraging and establishing International opportunities and cooperation in the field of academics. As a result, Indians can showcase their talent globally. As a result, Indians will also be able to participate in various academic international competitions.
  • Working with international organizations like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and foreign governments as well as international universities to enhance the educational opportunities and scenarios in the country itself.



All the Major Initiatives and schemes of the ministry are listed below:

  • University and Higher Education schemes
  • Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)
  • National Initiative for Design Innovation
  • National Research Professorship (NRP)
  • Establishment of New Central Universities
  • Indira Gandhi National Tribal University
  • Establishment of 14 World Class Central Universities
  • Setting up 374 Degree Colleges in -Educationally Backward Districts
  • Scheme for incentivizing state governments to expand higher education institutions
  • Central Sector Interest Scheme, 2009 on Model Education Loan Scheme of IBA
  • Construction of girls’ hostels
  • Supporting uncovered state universities and colleges
  • Strengthening all science-based higher education and research in universities
  • Inter universities research and development institute for policy and evaluation
  • Schemes Implemented through Autonomous Organizations


  • Technical Education
  • Subsidiary mission on Polytechnics under the Coordinated Action for Skill Development
  • Scheme of Apprenticeship Training
  • Supporting Distance Education & Web Based Learning (NPTEL)
  • Technology Development Mission
  • Direct Admission of Students Abroad
  • Scheme for Upgrading existing Polytechnics to Integrate the Physically Disabled in the mainstream Technical and Vocational Education
  • Setting up 20 new IIITs


  • Institutions

The educational institutions and boards under the ministry are:

  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  • Central Institute of Education Technology (CIET)
  • Central Tibetan School Administration (CTSA)
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS)
  • National Bal Bhawan
  • National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  • Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS)
  • National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)


Thus, the ministry of education is doing everything to take India to the next level. India can only be up-scaled if the education scenario in the country is changed. Besides all the schemes and objectives, the ministry also uses multimedia and audio-visual entities to fulfill its mission. The ministry has a photo gallery on its website, a successful YouTube channel, and others. All these things are done to preach education to the entire country. All citizens of the country should support the ministry.

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